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The Vandals ‎– Shingo Japanese Remix Album CD

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1 How They Getcha (Gold Mix) 2:08
2 ( Mix) 4:25
3 Appreciate My Honesty (Mc Freshman Mix) 4:07
4 Be A Good Robot (Rhythm Rovo Mix) 3:19
5 Disproportioned Head (Bistrot 2000 Mix) 3:45
6 Little Weirdo (Shuttle 9 Mix) 3:52
7 When I Say You, I Mean Me (Clockworked Mix) 4:18
8 The Unseen Tears Of The Albacore (Last Mix) 4:39
9 I'm Becoming You (CJB Mix) 4:53
10 My Neck, My Back (Ikioi Mix) 2:44
11 Lord Of The Dance (Do Da Swing! Mix)

Shingo Japanese Remix Album is a crazy album of songs by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals remixed and re-interpreted by Japanese DJ Shingo Asari (Panda, No Panda), released in 2005 by Kung Fu Records. I have like one left of these. #blinkanditsgone #itsgone