Kinky Kontrol HQ

All the holes are patched and my thumb is blocking a leak 17 Apr 2018

Been a while since I checked in. We've been busy patching up holes on the site, and now it appears we're fully fixed. You're welcome to report any bugs we missed though, as one ER recently did and helped a ton! I had no idea there was an issue! I keep saying "we" but really I have Eric Millington to thank for his IT wizardry. That guy is amazing.

It has been insane since I got back from my trip to Japan last month. I've got a bunch of release slated for this year. Two are coming out next week! My band Punker In The Headlights, and one from Skapeche Mode guitarist Dave Parris.

Anyway gonna go have lunch with Ef By Stereo and give him some shirts I printed for him last night. Just wanted to pop my head in and say hey. I added a bunch to the store and still have a lot more. TTYS!